November 11, 2019

Duration of study :2 minutes 52 seconds

What is Moneyar?

Moneyar is a financial social network. Moneyar has aimed to provide an easy and secure way to transfer money in different situations such as a group dinner with friends and you want to split expenses the day after that or situations in which, you go on a journey in a group and all members are required to pay their own debts to someone else.

Do I need to have an account in a specific bank for using moneyar?

It is possible to use Moneyar with all bank cards associated with SHETAB network.

Who pays for the text messages sent by Moneyar?

Moneyar pays for all messages sent to users.

What should I do for transferring money via Moneyar application?

You do not need to know others’ card numbers. By having their number saved on your device, you can easily choose their name from contact list and take financial actions in a group or individually with your wallet balance or bank card associated with SHETAB networks.

How do I request money through Moneyar application?

By selecting your contact from contact list and entering the amount and subject of the request, your contact will easily pay through the app. In case they do not install Moneyar app on their mobile phones, an SMS containing a payment gateway will be sent to your friends and they can pay for your request.

How can I make a payment in a group?

In a large number of group activities, bill-splitting apps such as Moneyar play a crucial role. Not only can Moneyar app do the calculations for group members accurately, but also It is as user friendly as possible. You just need to add expenses by detail and add group members by their phone number. In these cases, usually some people have paid for the bills and others should pay them back as their debts. On Moneyar, this process smoothly goes on until every debt is paid. Moneyar can split payments evenly based on three different ways including percentage, bill amount and shares. Also, it is on group members to decide how to pay. They can choose pay from Moneyar wallet or through internet payment gateway.