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November 11, 2019

Duration of study :1 minutes 1 seconds

Noavaran Pishro Moneyar is a company which is known as a payment service provider for individuals and businesses in the form of mobile applications and web services. Moneyar began its journey with introducing the first Persian financial social network in 2016. Moneyar has aimed to facilitate the payment experience for its users with respect to a high-level knowledge and users’ feedback.

Since Moneyar has started its activity some honors and awards have been received including:

Best Shariah Compliant Payment, Remittance and FX Platform Winner, October 2018

Creativity honors from vice-presidency for science and technology, November 2018

Second place at banking and payment service conference, February 2018

First place at Fin Stars competition in International Exchange, Bank and Insurance fair (IRAN FINEX), April 2018

Second place at Fanap Fintech competition, March 2016