With Moneyar Financial Services, you can easily connect your website and app to the online payment platform.

Individuals and Groups

Moneyar is a financial social network which provides an easy and secure method to pay and receive money individually and collectively.



Individuals and Groups

Individuals and Groups

Key Features


Moneyar also provides its users with a wide range of features, Some of which deal with individuals and some with businesses.
These main features are listed below.

You do not need to have credit card number to pay people. Simply make a payment from the contact list by selecting the contact and entering the payment amount and subject.

You do not need to send your credit card number to ask money. Just send a request to your contact through Moneyar. If your contacts have Moneyar app installed on their devices, they will easily pay through the app, and if they do not have the Moneyar app, a message with a payment gateway link will be sent via SMS and thay can pay you through the bank payment gateway.

In groups, just enter the costs. The costs are automatically splited between the members of the group and they can easily pay off their debts through the Moneyar wallet or bank payment gateway.

In Moneyar you have access to your mobile contact list and you can easily make a conversation as well as making payment.

New Services

Congestion charge payment

If you need to go on a trip to the Congestion Charge Zone, you are required to pay the charge for entering in these areas. Through Moneyar app you can easily pay off your charge only by entering the license plate number.

Pay Toll Bills

In the newest version of Moneyar, Toll bills easily can be checked regularly and paid via safe and convenient online methods. Just enter your car license plate number and pay for your toll.

Recharge option

In the last version of Moneyar application, online recharge has been provided for subscribers of Irancell, Hamrah Avval and Rightel SIM card via Moneyar wallet or cards associated with SHETAB network.

Mobile internet package

In the newest version of Moneyar app internet packages can be purchased for subscribers of Irancell, Hamrah Avval and Rightel SIM cards with Moneyar wallet and cards associated with SHETAB network.

Utility bills payment

you are able to pay off all your utility bills (water, electricity, gas and telephone) with Moneyar app by using of cards associated with SHETAB network.

Features of Moneyar


Moneyar has no restrictions on type of bank accounts and you can make payments through all the bank cards.


Personal and financial information of individuals and businesses are encrypted in Moneyar and stored securely.


Financial management and splitting expenses in a group are not difficult tasks, because Moneyar does all the calculations easily for you.

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