Create Personal payment gateway

The personal payment gateway provides an online payment link for your users. It can also show user the information about your business, such as logo and peyment-related descriptions.

▪ Safety and simplicity

▪ Customization

▪ Creating a functional database

▪ Creating Unlimited number of links for different campaigns


Charities and NGOs need a system to integrate their activities due to the numerous projects and campaigns. Therefore, they can make management easier by creating different payment gateways for each purpose.

▪ Define a payment gateway for each campaign

▪ Showing the transactions list of per campaign

▪ Choosing the relevent text and logo for each payment gateway

▪ Get the required information from the benefactors

Online Stores

Owners of online stores by using the online payment gateway service can manage their customers' needs easily in conjunction with providing a secure payment method in order to increase the number of their customers.

▪ Easy payment

▪ Reporting Panel

▪ No need for seller's credit card number

▪ Reduce human error when making payments


People who provide services in variable fields can use Moneyar payment gateway to be easily paied for providing services.

▪ Ability to create payment gateway for each service

▪ Measuring customer satisfaction for different services

▪ No need for seller personal information

▪ Ability to send links via SMS or each kind of social networks

Your Businesses

Family deposits

Online stores


Charities and NGOs

Trading websites

Instructors and Educational institutions

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